Cabinet Refinishing

You probably spend more time in your kitchen than any other room of the house. It’s where guests congregate, where food is prepared, and where many children do their homework. An attractive kitchen can make all the difference in the overall beauty of your home, and updating old or damaged cabinetry is a great starting point.

Refinishing is an intelligent option for several reasons. Revitalizing existing cabinetry is less expensive than installing new, especially if your kitchen is unusually shaped or has odd dimensions. From an environmental standpoint, refinishing your old cabinets will reduce waste and save trees. And restoring existing woodwork doesn’t require an entire kitchen remodel- installing new cabinets might.

Crowder Painting can handle minor cabinet repairs and create a fresh new look with paint or stain. Decorative effects, such as antiquing and custom stains, are our specialty.

With all our painting and refinishing projects we choose high-quality and, where possible, environmentally friendly products. For kitchens, where durability and cleanability are especially important, we choose appropriate products from local suppliers.