Customer Service

What To Expect From Crowder Painting

Using good preparation techniques, quality materials and tried-and-true customer service methods help us create a beautiful, long-lasting product while disrupting the customer’s life as little as possible.


Consultation & Proposal

Knowing the full scope of your painting project helps us create a proposal tailored to your needs. Understanding what you need now can also help us anticipate your future painting needs; recommend specific products or processes that will further enhance your home and/or save you money; and above all, provide excellent customer service.

We’ll ask many questions during the consultation, such as:

1. Will you be doing any of the work yourself?

2. Will any other tradesman play a part in the project?

3. Do you have any product or manufacturer preferences?

4. Have you started looking at colors and sheens?

Now is the perfect time to ask questions of your own, too! We want you to be comfortable with the process. We are also happy to answer questions as they arise as the project unfolds.

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and hopes for the project, we will create a detailed proposal. This document will contain a full description of your painting project, including the specific products we plan to use, the steps we will take to prepare and finish the surface, and a detailed time line for completion. In addition, you can expect your proposal to contain a detailed cost breakdown, so there are never any surprises.

Even early in the project, we want to provide convenient options to fit your lifestyle. We are happy to deliver a proposal in the medium of your choice, whether by mail or email- or even hand delivery!

The best part: although many contractors charge a hefty deposit before beginning work, Crowder Painting does not! You don’t pay a dime until you are satisfied with the project.


Choosing a Color

Choosing the wrong paint color and having to repaint is a hassle you don’t need! We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time. With every project, we’ll include three paint samples, which we apply to the wall, trim, and ceiling (for interior projects) or to the siding, trim, and adjacent accents (for exterior paint jobs) to help you envision the finished product. To help you choose coordinating flooring, furniture, and accessories, we also provide sample boards you can take shopping with you.

Not happy with your first choice? Additional samples can be applied for a small additional fee.

We also offer custom color-matching for wood stains. Custom stains make new, repaired areas blend in with surrounding woodwork. They can also create interesting design statements. Stain is a low-cost way to make inexpensive pine look like an exotic hardwood.

Color matching is treated with the same care; we take extra time, and apply samples, so that you’ll be totally satisfied with the end result.


Getting Down to Business

Proper surface preparation is the most important step in the process. The exact procedure varies depending on whether your project is an interior or exterior one, but the basic steps are the same.

  • First, we remove as much as possible from the work area and cover the rest.
  • Next, we perform necessary repairs and caulk gaps and cracks.
  • Then, we smooth and prime rough surfaces.
  • We apply color, using as many coats as necessary for total coverage. We always use high-quality paints and primers and never dilute them!


We understand that it can be challenging to live in a house while work is being done, and we want to cause as little disruption as possible to your daily life. At the end of each workday, we clean and organize our work space, removing excess dust and debris, discarding accumulated trash, and organizing our tools.

After all work is completed, we do a more thorough cleaning, including sweeping or vacuuming up all dust, removing masking materials, and returning fixtures and furniture to their original positions. This is a great time to rearrange the room!

Final Inspection

At the end of every job, we do a final walk-through with the customer to ensure total satisfaction. It’s at this time that we do any touch-ups. Congratulations! You now have a project that will look good for years to come.