Wood Finishes

A Crowder Painting’s Specialty

Using stain to create a design statement is one of Crowder Painting’s specialties. Check out our Wood Finishes Gallery.



Toning involves altering the color of an existing wood piece- often without stripping the wood. Light stains can be altered in many ways to produce a desired effect; darker finishes can be manipulated to appear more red or gold.


Color Matching

There are many reasons to color-match an existing stain. If a section of trim has just been replaced, for example, color-matching can camouflage the repair without the hassle and expense of stripping and refinishing the whole room. If different woods have been used in a project, our color-matching techniques can produce a more unified look.

While exact matches can’t be guaranteed, our extensive experience allows us to create matches that are exceptionally close; in many cases, imperceptible. Color match services receive the same care as all of our custom paint projects. We’ll experiment with as many samples as are necessary to create a truly custom color.


Faux Finishes

Faux finishes may be more common with paint, but stain can create extremely attractive effects, too. By using appropriate stains and graining techniques, we can make white oak cabinets look like cherry or walnut, for example. We are also experienced with antiquing and other artistic effects. What’s your vision? Just let us know, and we’ll make it a reality.