Paint Warranty

Crowder Painting’s Paint Warranty

*Applies to Exterior Paint Work Only – Excludes Decks and Exterior Stains

Crowder Painting offers an exterior paint warranty that applies to customers that have chosen to use all recommended products and preparation techniques. The warranty covers peeling, blistering and chipping of the new paint film after application that is the result of defective workmanship.

Crowder Painting will repair any painted surface found to be defective due to poor workmanship for a period of 3 years from the completion date.

The Warranty includes the costs of materials if originally supplied by Crowder Painting.

What is Not Covered

The cost of any materials or products needed to do warranty repairs if the paints or materials where not supplied by or approved by Crowder Painting. The paint warranty is void for the following items.

  • Paint defects caused by severe weather. (Hail, etc)
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Abuse of any painted or stained surface.
  • Painted surface in poor condition. (rough, loose, damaged, rotted wood)
  • Water/moister damage.
  • Severe or excessive peeling of previous coatings. (Note: warranty does not apply to previously applied paint that may loosen later.)
  • Painted surface found to be defective or delaminating.
  • Defects in the buildings design or construction.

After the successful completion of your exterior painting a paint warranty certificate will be presented with your name, address and date.